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                                                                               PAYMENT PROCESSING
Features & Benefits

  • Accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express
  • Countertop, mobile and online payment processing
  • Comprehensive fraud protection for every transaction
  • Prompt and efficient processing

There is no risk and no obligation to get started. You’ll receive a free payment processing quote based on your current annual volume and processing history. Simply call toll-free at 1-844-260-1793 to speak with a trained payment solutions expert.

Text marketing is a powerful way to increase sales for your business. Mobile Marketing is known as one of the most effective methods to reach customers for businesses of all types as well as non-profits and real estate professionals by allowing them to promote their products, services and events, through utilizing the device that everyone uses most—the mobile phone.

TextAlertz is a simple, web-based platform that allows you to communicate instantly with your customers, employees or prospects, by sending announcements, reminders, allowing you to collect tithes & offerings with a user friendly app, sell homes faster by sending out direct messages on local listings to potential buyers with a specially created complete mobile website for each home including pictures, local amenities & your contact information.

Start using text marketing to do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to advertising your business. Be among the thousands of businesses and organizations who are already using TextAlertz to enhance their communications and boost sales.
 Why Business Elite?
Business Elite Services is a bundle of products and services designed to help your growing business. This package of services includes a comprehensive discount program, computer tech support, web conferencing and text marketing, helping you to reduce costs and increase profits while utilizing the sales potential of mobile marketing.

Features & Benefits
Text Marketing

  • Get your own keyword with 1,000 messages per month(250 messages per month in Canada)
  • Communicate on-demand to your team or prospects
  • Web conferencing
  • Share your desktop and ideas online with anyone
  • Computer tech support
  • Unlimited support by phone, email, chat or remote access
  • VIP discounts
  • Discounts on travel, shopping, dining, and entertainment from over 350,000 locations
  • Member benefits
  • Office software needs